Hey Peaches!

Today has been a much better day, Hallelujah! I have tomorrow off so today was my Friday, and the Hubs and I may just be getting a new puppy this weekend. We have been wanting a large dog for awhile, as I love to hike and unfortunately Little Man is well … just too little to keep up.

Anyways we finally found a rescue somewhat close by (remember adopt don’t shop) that has a beautiful litter of golden retriever German shepherd mixes. We are hoping hoping hoping they have not adopted all of them yet! We were approved for adoption today but the head of the agency has to get the foster mother to talk to us in the next 24 hours to see what babies if any are left. Here’s hoping.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with mi madre and also hiking! I’m really looking forward to it. Crossing our fingers that we will get good news about puppies and have a fun filled day! Keep you posted.