Good Evening Peaches!

Hope you are all having a great night! I have been a busy bee today and my feet are feeling the burn. I went grocery shopping after work and even though I only prepped a little bit with coupons and briefly glanced at the sales paper I was able to save $25.00 and get 6 bottles of laundry detergent for $1.99 a piece. Score!

Tonight was meal prep night and I have been cooking up a storm, hence the sore feet. I purchased a ton of fresh strawberries on sale, so I chopped and packaged two quarts to freeze and kept a third out for strawberry shortcake tonight. I made a big 7 layer salad in a popcorn bowl that we will eat on for a few days. It’s 7 layers, hence the name and includes iceberg lettuce, cucumber, green bell pepper, frozen peas, red onion, cheese, and bacon. It’s delicious and I always make it in the spring and summer months. The main course tonight is a new recipe I have never made before. Seared chicken breast stuffed with fresh monterey  cheese and asparagus. I am fixing it with garlic mashed potatoes and bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

All the cooking has kept my mind from worrying about getting approved for a mortgage. Obviously there are tons of mortgage lenders and options available but the whole process is terribly daunting. Before I began working in financial aid in higher education I was a loan officer, and I know just how hard it can be sometimes to get people approved. We have our first big meeting tomorrow with our potential mortgage lender and I am honestly terrified. I love this house and if we can’t get approved or if it sells before we get approved I would be really really bummed to say the least. I would appreciate your good vibes and prayers.

On another note, I noticed several new faces have followed the blog. Hi! Thank you! It’s nice to sort of virtually meet you! I welcome you with open arms. Writing each day now for four consecutive days really isn’t a huge accomplishment for most people, but as people continue to follow and like The Happy Peach it really encourages me to keep sharing my story. If you have any questions for me, just leave a comment! I’m all ears 🙂

Have a great evening and wish me luck tomorrow!