Evening Peaches!

Hope you are all having a good night. I am getting some much needed puppy cuddles after a long long day. I had a conference today on financial aid at a neighboring college so it was go go go all day.

On the topic of puppy cuddles, let me tell you the story of Little Man. Little Man is the name of my four pound chihuahua. When I graduated from college several years ago, I really wanted a dog. After searching and searching, I found what I thought to be a reputable breeder. Long story short, this woman was running a puppy mill that was horrendous. She had a waiting room at the front of a blacked out window storefront, and refused to let you see the parents of the puppies who via website were supposedly on site. Little Man was a scared little puff of fur that literally jumped from the woman’s arms into mine when she brought him out and licked me to the point of begging to get him out of there.

I got him, after “promising” to use her vet for all his care. I was scheduled to transfer to a new office a week later and took Little Man to my vet and moved across the state. This woman wanted me to use her back room vet because poor Little Man had parvo. I nursed him to health for months, he almost died. She was reported to the authorities, and although I do not know what happened to her I hope karma paid her a visit.

I’m happy to report Little Man is safe and well now, and these past two years have been awesome being his fur mom. My husband is in love with him as well and Little Man sleeps in the curve of his neck most nights. We hope (if the mortgage stuff goes through, we should know tomorrow! Ah!) to get a big dog as well once we have a large yard he could run in. I really want a big hulking dog to snuggle and be my protector. Little Man thinks he’s a horse but his bark is worse then his bite.


Anyways, that’s all for me today. I’m bushed!

Sweet Dreams Peaches 🙂