Good Evening Peaches!

Day 3 of my writing initiative has been a success! Not only did I remember to write but I also think I found my Dream House!

Hubs and I have been scouting our area for a few months now researching the housing  market. We loathe our rental, and are so ready to invest in something that is actually ours. Yesterday on the way back from dropping off Little Man at the groomer, I decided to be productive and instead of going to Hobby Lobby I drove around an area we would really like to live and I found “the house.” It is perfect and even though it needs a little DIY Magic the bones seemed to be there.

One quick call to the reality agent and next thing we knew this afternoon we were at the house checking it out. I’m in love and so is Hubs. Now comes the hard part, getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Wish us luck and send a prayer, Gods will hopefully we will have everything go smoothly and maybe just maybe have a shot at this house. If you have any hints or tips on house buying, please share in the comments! All us twenty somethings need all the help we can get!

I’m itching to make a Pinterest board for all the decorating I want to do but I’m trying not to get my hopes too high just yet! Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday evening and enjoying this gorgeous weather. Yesterday we got the most likes we have ever had on the blog, Hurray! My Peaches are definitely the best readers ever.

Have a great night!