Hey Peaches,

i made it to day 2! Aren’t you proud? Date night went fabulous last night and for any who were curious jeans definitely won out. And by fabulous I mean it was a catastrophe, but a fun one in the end. Hubs picked this awesome resteraunt downtown and I got all gussied up to go (did i spell that right? Gussied…. I think so. Tell me in the comments if I’m wrong!)

We get to the resteraunt for a late night romantic meal and it’s packed! PACKED. And they don’t take reservations till you get there and put your name on a list. An hour goes by… and we were stilllllll waiting! This peach was not so peachy at that point. I was chalstrophobic, starving, and sick of getting bumped into in the tiny waiting area.

Needless to say we left, especially since they were closing in half an hour and still had a line out the door. Unbeknown to us there was a major concert a block over and that accounted for the crazy amount of people eating dinner at 9:30 on a Friday. Only problem is there aren’t very many “fine dining” places to eat at that point in the night, so we settled on a tried and true staple:

Waffle House.

It may not have been our first choice, but the food was hot, filling, and the entertainment was splendid. Two waitresses got in a singing contest to Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, to thunderous applause from the patrons. Hubs and I laughed, stuffed ourselves, and went home sleepy and full.

Today is beautiful outside, and I plan to make the most of it! Little Man (our four pound Chihuahua) has a date with Destiny today, aka his groomer. I plan on getting some housework done and maybe a wee bit of retail therapy, after all Hobby Lobby is just across the road from the groomer.

Then outside, I am going to attempt to be a more eco friendly peach and hang my laundry outside on a line to dry, instead of the power hungry electric dryer. Care to see how it goes? Let me know and I’ll post some pics!

Have a sun filled and relaxing Saturday peaches!