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March 2016

Possible 2nd Puppy Proclamation

Hey Peaches!

Today has been a much better day, Hallelujah! I have tomorrow off so today was my Friday, and the Hubs and I may just be getting a new Continue reading “Possible 2nd Puppy Proclamation”


Bad Day

Hey Peaches,

Got some bad news today. Can’t share now but I will fill you in later on. Thanks for understanding.


Day 5: Puppy Cuddles After a Long Day

Evening Peaches!

Continue reading “Day 5: Puppy Cuddles After a Long Day”

Meal Prepping and House Fretting

Good Evening Peaches!

Continue reading “Meal Prepping and House Fretting”

I Think I Found My Dream House!

Good Evening Peaches!

Day 3 of my writing initiative has been a success! Not only did I remember to write but I also think I found my Dream House!

Continue reading “I Think I Found My Dream House!”

Day 2: When Date Night Fails…

Hey Peaches,

i made it to day 2! Aren’t you proud? Date night went fabulous last night and for any who were curious jeans definitely won out. And by fabulous I mean it was a catastrophe Continue reading “Day 2: When Date Night Fails…”

A Needed Break: Date Night!

Hello Peaches!!!

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