Ever wake up too early and no matter what you attempt to do to lull yourself back to sleep it is of no avail? That is my present situation. The clock on my bedside nightstand reads 3:27am. I know tomorrow is going to be painful, but I’m a glutton for punishment so why not stare at a brightly lit phone screen because that will make me sleepy right?

Apparently the food poisoning I thought I had in my previous post was actually some kind of stomach virus …. that my husband caught. So there’s that. Thank heavens he’s at least able to sleep and his content snoring next to me does wonders for the soul.

My father snored when I was a child growing up. He would rattle the windows and constantly berate my poor mother with his snoring. Ear plugs and eventually a oxygen mask did the trick to quiet him, but I often missed it. To me snoring has always been a sensory reminder of safety. That my father could always be audibly heard and that I knew his presence was just feet away if I needed him.

Fast forward a few years and here I am. A married woman with a bear of a man I call Hubs sleeping soundly next to me, snoring away. He doesn’t rattle the windows thank heavens, but his even melodic breathing still gives me peace of mind that all is well with the world. I am the (unfortunate) early riser of the two of us, so in turn I’m usually off to dreamland long before he even turns out the lamp. So even though I know tomorrow is going to probably kick my tail, I am going to enjoy the sounds of peace and contentment that come with 3am.

Good Morning to the rest of you in WordPress land. Cherish the little moments today, whether they be the snoring of little noses during nap time, that extra cup of coffee whose aroma is bae, or the sunrise shining through the blinds. It’s going to be a good (if not sleepy) day.