Did you miss me? To say I have missed posting is an understatement. The last month has been INSANE and here’s why…

In November I started a new job and for the last few months have been training. Things have really geared up in the last month as I finally was allowed to take the training wheels off and join the big leagues.

That being said, I also have been sick non stop for the last three weeks. First I had a sinus infection which way layed itself into a good old fashioned head cold. I finally was beginning to feel better when WHAM! I came down with the worst case of food poisoning I have ever experienced on Friday. Never eat at Texas Rhodehouse!  Hubs is a trooper for taking care of my sick self all weekend. I feel like someone ran me over with a dump truck but finally seem to be on the mend.

I have to admit I did feel a loads better when I found out I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by the wonderful shopaholicsblog. Check her out, her blog is amazing! I am inserting  her url here: http://nshahzadblog.wordpress.com/. I will be doing my Liebster Award post this week and sending out nominations.

All in all things have been crazy! On top of everything else I have also started a photography blog for the community I live in called Pixelate Macon! Check it out. There are some awesome interviews and links for upcoming events and projects in the central GA area. In starting Pixelate Macon I have decided to restructure Happy Peach a little bit. Happy Peach has always been my personal place of expression, a diary of sorts. A place to share my personal thoughts and original writing. I really want to keep it that way so anything not pertaining to my personal self (I.e community posts/events) will be on the Pixelate Macon site.

Thanks for reading through this jumbled post but I wanted to let everyone know what was up and why I had been MIA the last month. Now that I have a somewhat normal schedule again I hope to post on a regular basis.

I love my readers and am SO THANKFUL for each one of you!