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February 2016

The Love Language of Snoring

Ever wake up too early and no matter what you attempt to do to lull yourself back to sleep it is of no avail? That is my present situation. The clock on my bedside nightstand reads 3:27am. Continue reading “The Love Language of Snoring”


Green Chipped Paint: Part 2

If you have not read part 1 of Green Chipped Paint, I encourage you to read it first before beginning part 2! If you enjoy today’s post, please like and reblog! 

– Peach

It was hot. God it was hot. I could feel one of those oscillating fans blowing air across my damp skin, it creaked slowly as it moved back and forth. I tried to open my eyes, but only one would. As I peered  around the room, the memories came flooding back. The dirt road, the gunshots, the truck. My leg throbbed, as if to remind me it remembered to. Continue reading “Green Chipped Paint: Part 2”

Weathering The Storm

Did you miss me? To say I have missed posting is an understatement. The last month has been INSANE and here’s why… Continue reading “Weathering The Storm”

50 Follower Giveaway🎉✨!!

Cool Beauty Blog, Check It Out!

Shopaholic Blogs💋

Hello lovely people!💘

Guess what ? I finally made it to my first



Thank you all for showing my tiny blog so much encouragement and support😘!

To a lot of successful bloggers out there 50 might seem insignificant 💧.

But having started out just two weeks ago it’s huge achievement for me that you guys took out the time to read my blog and appreciate my efforts!💞

So as a mini celebration 🎉✨, I will be having my very first giveaway ! 😘

Here’s what the lucky winner will be getting!🎁


1-Tarocco orange 🍊ultra moisturizing hand cream full size✨ from Crab tree and Evelyn❣For soft and sweet smelling tootsies !
2-Dusty girls lip shine in Argyle pink ❣For a pretty pink pout 👄!

3- Moogoo 100% natural Fresh buttermilk soap❣For smooth , baby soft skin 👶🏽

4-My favorite Burts Bees Lip crayon in you guessed…

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