Decorating When Broke: Charlie Brown Christmas DIY

Young or old, decorating for the holidays when you are B-R-O-K-E can be a daunting task. But be of good cheer and read on! I have a way you can have a beautifully decorated home without blowing the bank.Whether you’ve spent all your money getting your Christmas list knocked out or have just fallen on tough times, decorating your space can be achieved for absolutely no money… if you get creative.  I have put together a list of ideas and helpful links to make your home festive for FREE, using things you already have lying around. Enjoy!

  1. Check Pinterest.

I cannot emphasize this enough! Pinterest is a free resource that will literally give you thousands of ideas that you can use to decorate for the holidays for free! Every example in this article is from Pinterest, just to show how much they have to offer. Here are a few of my absolute favorites:

Snow Man Head:

Popsicle Snowflakes:

Penguin Slide:

  1. Recycle Paper Products

Use old newspaper to make a paper wreath! I have personally done this with old music paper I had and it turned out fabulously.  Cut up old construction paper to make a paper chain to go around a hand rail or over a door. Have fun using the nifty tutorials below, the possibilities are endless.

Cardboard Fireplace:

Snowman Paper Chain:

Construction Paper Wreath:

  1. Redesign Existing Ornaments.

Do you have ornaments that have been around since the dawn of time? Repurpose them instead of purchasing new ones! Scraps of old fabric can be wrapped around round ornaments and tied with ribbon to give them new life. Ornaments can also be spray painted to go with a new color scheme or design.  Ribbon and fabric scraps can also be simply tied into bows and added to the tree to give it more fullness and decoration without a penny spent.

Ribbon Tree Ornament:

Scrap Ball Ornament:

Fabric Wrapped Ornaments:

  1. Repurpose/ Make a Tree Skirt

A tree skirt is in all actuality just fabric rippled around the bottom of the tree. This can be achieved easily without purchasing a premade skirt. Whether it is a holiday themed bedsheet, table cloth, or just a plain piece of fabric you have lying around, some creative gathering and arranging of fabric can give you the look of a tree skirt without the cost. Another even simpler idea is to simply flip your current tree skirt over, a different color equals a different color scheme and options to work with. Once you have presents under the tree only so much of the skirt will actually show, so any imperfections can be easily hidden away.

DIY Tree Skirt:

  1. The Tree

A tree by any other thrifty style is still a tree. It does not have to be a 10ft $300 Douglas Fir in order for your holiday to be merry and bright. Check out the links below to some alternative “free” tree ideas that still give its presence, but not its price tag.

Yarn Christmas Trees:

Alternative Christmas Trees:


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