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December 2015

Screw Resolutions: I’m Too Old for This

I honestly hate New Years.

Everything is winding down from the holidays, wrapping paper tumbleweeds are still rolling through my house, and the leftovers in my fridge might still be from Thanksgiving, who knows? This is NOT the time I want to sit down and plan my resolutions for the “New Year,” wear glitter eye shadow with a top knot, and pretend to be somebody when the clock strikes midnight. I just want like three more weeks to fix the old year before I go to a new one. Does anyone else feel this way? The New Year brings taxes, new commitments at work; puppy vaccines that make my dog hate me for like 3 DAYS! I can’t take this kind of pressure, much less try to stick to some convoluted exercise plan or remember to meditate twelve times a day. So this year I have decided to skip resolutions all together. They suck, they make me mad, and I’ve realized I have actually outgrown them anyway! Continue reading “Screw Resolutions: I’m Too Old for This”


Decorating When Broke: Charlie Brown Christmas DIY


Decorating When Broke: Charlie Brown Christmas DIY

Young or old, decorating for the holidays when you are B-R-O-K-E can be a daunting task. But be of good cheer and read on! I have a way you can have a beautifully decorated home without blowing the bank. Continue reading “Decorating When Broke: Charlie Brown Christmas DIY”

A Ripple against the Tide: The 2016 Pirelli Calendar


I am a lover of print media. I choose to read the news instead of watch it. Print in its paper and digital forms give its audience a moment to pause and revel in the script read or image viewed, instead of being pummeled forward to the next topic or commercial as when watching television. Tonight as I read the New York Times, I daresay a breath of hope escaped my lips about another topic near and dear to my heart. Continue reading “A Ripple against the Tide: The 2016 Pirelli Calendar”

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