For my very first Crafty Wednesday I decided to go with something very simple to show you how to decorate for fall: My Kitchen Table.

This is really my first year having a “home” of my own to decorate for the seasons, so I wanted to bring you in to my world and show you what I do. Today’s post explains how to do a simple fall tablescape that anyone can do on a budget, and I think it looks fabulous if I do say so myself!

This is what you will need to do today’s project:

IMG_2223 A tray.

IMG_2227 A decorative bowl.

IMG_2226Fallish things such as pumpkins and gourds.

IMG_2225Ones with floral picks work especially well.

IMG_2224 A table runner.

IMG_2222Lastly and most randomly… plastic grocery bags.

Our goal as you saw with the thumbnail of this article is to have a beautiful tablescape at the end of the whole thing. Here’s what we do. First, take all of your grocery bags and wad them inside one another until you get a “ball” big enough to fill about the bottom half of your container. How big your grocery ball is depends mostly on how much stuff you have to fill the top of your bowl, so plan accordingly. Once you get your ball big enough, place in bottom of bowl. I used painters tape to make mine a little more sturdy, if you need to do that to gain more stability I give you the full go ahead, it worked fabulously for me. We will be sticking stuff inside the plastic bag ball, almost in place of flower arrangement foam. You want it to be dense and sturdy.

It should look like this:


Isn’t this bowl adorable?


From this stage take your fall materials and fill your bowl. I used the flower picked pumpkins to anchor the rest of the items, sticking them firmly into the grocery ball and then placing the other items around it. I chose materials that were in traditional reds and oranges because that’s what I like, but feel free to mix it up. I sat my bowl straight up and down but another cute Idea would be to have it on its side cornucopia style with pumpkins and such spilling out of it. Once it is filled, the hard part is done. Make sure your table runner is free of creases (don’t worry with ironing, just throw it in the dryer for a few minutes with a damp hand towel and it will be wrinkle free!) and then lay length ways across your table. Next add the tray, I chose a tin one and added a burlap mini runner (which is just a swatch of burlap fabric, I’m not that fancy) down the center with ribbon for a little pop of color. I got both the table runner and tray from Hobby Lobby. That 40% off coupon is for real y’all! Use it; it is your decorating friend.

Put the tray in the center of the table. This is the main set up, what you do from here is entirely up to you. Hubs happened to have brought me flowers the particular day I was prepping for this post, so I added them in a mismatched vase to one corner of the tray, and then placed the autumn bowl right in the middle. Next came the candles. I am a HUGE candle fan and my house is full of them. I took a few from other areas of the house that semi matched and placed them around the tray. I personally don’t like super symmetrical things in my decorating, I prefer more rustic and “it just happened that way” as my style of putting things together. I also have my front door cattycornered to my kitchen table so when you walk in and look at this arrangement, the tallest items (the flowers) are in the back and the shortest items (the candles) are closest and therefore visually pleasing.

Here are a few shots of the finished product!





Well there you go! I hope you enjoyed my fall tablescape and my first post for Crafty Wednesday. It is simple, affordable, and a fun way to dress up your first place, or second… or even third! It is great for the holidays and easy to remove for actual eating so you can see your guests. If you try out this look, please take a photo and send it to the Happy Peach Facebook page, I would LOVE to see your awesome handiwork! I’ll tag the link below.