In honor of our Share to the Fair Giveaway, I thought I would post my fondest memory of fall. Or maybe i should say my spookiest.

Fall when I was young was months worth of preparation and anticipation for Halloween. Costumes had to be carefully chosen, my parents usually threw some kind of party, and there was food for days as we anxiously waited for trick or treating to begin. One year when I was about six I went as a genie while my next store neighbors (we’ll call them Big and Little as one was a year older and the other a year younger then myself) both dressed up as Spider-Man with realistic silly string spider web wrist guns.

5 minutes into our jaunt down the street with our respective sets of parents, my hair was assaulted with silly string by Little and I spent the rest of the night in angst pulling it from my hair and swearing 7 year old vengeance on a little boy. Not to be daunted, we continued to go from house to house to get our candy fix. We were pros at it by now, we knew which house to avoid that gave out “healthy” candy and which ones had the mother load.
This year we were deemed big enough to walk down the driveway to each house by ourselves, our parents chatting and watching us from the edge of the street. Which was all fine and dandy until we reached “the house.”
New people had moved in since last Halloween, but we had scoped them out as a retired couple that had a fluffy dog with a squished in face. Certainly they had good candy. Now this particular house had a front porch that sat up off the ground about four feet, a big brick porch that was open with no railing going around it. Bushes lined around the edges of the porch, about four feet high themselves and were perfectly sculpted little squares. We made the long walk down the driveway and climbed the porch steps, waiting patiently as the doorbell announced our arrival.
A little older woman came to the door with a big bowl of candy. REESES! We had hit the jackpot. As we chose our selections and thanked her for the candy, we failed to notice the rustling of the bushes by the side of the house. All of the sudden, the roar of chainsaw split the air by the side of the porch and a half naked old man in pajama bottoms appeared, wielding a chainsaw and a pronounced beer gut. The poor old woman, who I later realized was married to this sap, screamed and the precious contents of her bowl went flying across the porch. As unfortunate as the flying candy was, Big and I were closest to the maniac, and we jumped straight off the porch over the bushes and hit the ground running. Little however was not so lucky. He was a stocky little fellow to begin with, and he was the only one who let the draw of more candy delay his flight response a few moments. As the man came around the porch Little tried to make a run for and jumped …. Only to get stuck in a bush.
I to this day do not know why a grown man would scare a 5,6, and 7 year old with a chainsaw, but watching four grown adults untangling Little from the bush while a certain older woman whacked her husband in the head with a candy bowl showed my childhood self that karma certainly has a sense of humor.

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