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I Got Nominated Y’all: Miranda Sings Award

awardGood Evening Peaches!

I promised to get things all caught up and here I am! During my hiatus due to illness I was nominated by the lovely for the Miranda Sings Award! Thank you SO MUCH for considering me and please know I greatly appreciate it. Continue reading “I Got Nominated Y’all: Miranda Sings Award”


Hey Guys! Thanks for the Love!

Hey Peaches!

Quick update: I have some health issues regarding my stomach. Sometimes it makes me have to focus on my health and be out of the limelight for awhile. This has been the case of late.

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Possible 2nd Puppy Proclamation

Hey Peaches!

Today has been a much better day, Hallelujah! I have tomorrow off so today was my Friday, and the Hubs and I may just be getting a new Continue reading “Possible 2nd Puppy Proclamation”

Bad Day

Hey Peaches,

Got some bad news today. Can’t share now but I will fill you in later on. Thanks for understanding.


Day 5: Puppy Cuddles After a Long Day

Evening Peaches!

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Meal Prepping and House Fretting

Good Evening Peaches!

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I Think I Found My Dream House!

Good Evening Peaches!

Day 3 of my writing initiative has been a success! Not only did I remember to write but I also think I found my Dream House!

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Day 2: When Date Night Fails…

Hey Peaches,

i made it to day 2! Aren’t you proud? Date night went fabulous last night and for any who were curious jeans definitely won out. And by fabulous I mean it was a catastrophe Continue reading “Day 2: When Date Night Fails…”

A Needed Break: Date Night!

Hello Peaches!!!

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